For a decade, Elodie Maillot has been travelling around the world as a multicultural journalist for various outlets (Radio France, BBC, RFI, Vibrations, Mondomix).

She has unearthed new sonic treasures and made artistic and human connections worldwide. This has made Sound'ailleurs a natural platform to act as a consulting service to oversee various projects. To date Elodie has had a major hand in workshops in Salvador (Bahia) between the greatest Brazilian band Olodum and its musical cousins from West Africa. Sound'ailleurs has also produced a musical webdocumentary with Le Monde, along with shows including Jamaican and African legends, and crafted the "Luzutopia Project," which involved artists from Brazil, Portugal and Benin combining traditional Portuguese songs with bossa, electro and polyrhythmic fever, and various other musical collaborations. Valuing a personal touch and relationships first and foremost, all our projetcs are tailored with individual attention.

Like the greatest French recipes, organic artistic projects need just the right amount of time in the oven and the right combination of seasoning – all executed by a chef with a natural knack for combining ingredients.

Soon, Sound'ailleurs will offer a buffet of new flavors such as: neo-klezmer fusion with Malian Afro-funk and experimental American jazz rock ; Afro-American blues that mixes theater and poetry ; and a trip through Colombia's jungle with Mariazu – a promising fusion band from Bogota (Columbia) led by a French singer who recorded in the Colombian Sierra Nevada. Stay tuned!

Recently opening a branch in the USA, Sound'ailleurs is also representing «NoFormat», a «brother label» with whom we share artistical values and integrity working with great artists such as Vincent Segal, Ballaké Sissoko, Gonzales...