Traveling the world with a reel-to-reel Nagra-brand audio and various microphones, Elodie Maillot had been hunting and gathering music and sounds (from wind blowing, street noises, ocean waves, sugar cane plantation songs, or Tamoul ceremonies, to fire burning, volcanoes grumbling, nursery rhymes, social struggles or even voodoo fevers) all over.

Recording fields includes remote places, such as Lapland, the Malian Desert, Korea, Japan, the Gaza Strip, French factories, or La Reunion Island.

Using this found-sound library, she has been in charge of creating sound design for two albums for the famous french singer Emily Loizeau (Polydor/Universal). Emily and Elodie traveled throughout India and to La Reunion island to produce a sonic landscape and music. Armed with an amazing library of sounds, Sound'ailleurs has also been crafting some sound design and tracks for musical compilations (Mauritania, Haïti, South Africa, Palestine) or events such as theater plays, or exhibitions in Paris, using a special «soundpillow» to broadcast sounds and interviews. Pictures of Fete de la Nature in « Jardin des Plantes » with people listening to various sounds and mixs, lying on sofa with our special pillow sounds.